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Custom-Built Live Streaming Kits

Start streaming your worhip services, performances, athletic events, and more!

Custom Built in Nashville, TN with Products from Our Professional Partners


Plug-n-Play Accessibilty

Not a computer wiz? Don't have experience streaming? We took all of the guess work out of the process. Simply hook up existing cameras, or let us provide the appropriate cameras to compliment your setup and budget!

Total Flexibility and Customization to fit your needs!

Whether you want a simple solution to stream with a camera you already own, or you want to upgrade your current


Enjoy these amazing benefits

1-8 Camera/Source Configurations

Whether you want to stream with a solo camera you already own, or want a mix of DSLR's, computer sources, PTZ cameras, etc., We have you covered.

Portable and Rugged

Want to stream an event on-site? Our kits start at the size of a carry-on suitcase with built-in shock absorption to protect your investment.

Expert Training and Service

Take advantage of our years of experience in live streaming with in-person training days or contact us if you ever have an issue - and ALWAYS speak to one of our in-house streaming professionals.

Free Consultations and Quotes

Have more questions? Schedule a meeting and we will give our best recommendations for your specific situation.

Reliable Components

Enjoy advanced audio compatibility, high-speed ethernet-enabled encoder, QLED monitoring, and more whenever you turn your unit on.

Multi-Platform Streaming Included

No subscriptions, no yearly fee, just the ability to stream to Youtube, Facebook, Twitch, LinkedIn, or any RTMP (website) destionation simultaneously.


BONUS - Get this limited edition hoodie when you purchase any custom streaming kit!


A portable, pre-built kit capable of streaming up to 4 camera sources at full HD to multiple platforms simultaneously.
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