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Ace Monroe is a Nashville-based rock n' roll band consisting of Robbie Dylan (lead vocals), Josh Alfano (lead guitar), Jack Kaiser (rhythm guitar), Jonathan Tatooles (drums), and Erik McIntyre (bass). The band has collectively pooled their extensive live and studio experience into writing music that leans heavily into the "roll" of rock n' roll. Their…


The Sternwheelers are a Nashville based band performing a unique blend of Americana, Irish Traditional Music, and roots rock. A focus on original songwriting and fresh reinterpretations of material from each country’s musical traditions. We celebrate the influences each nation has had on each other with pioneer spirit, sardonic wit, tragedy, pining and humor. WHAT?

The Pitch Pockets

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The PitchPockets are a brand new Soul/Funk/Pop band based in Nashville, Tennessee comprised of current or previous Belmont students. Taking inspiration from the likes of Lawrence, Snarky Puppy, Couch, The Main Squeeze and many more, The PitchPockets feature three amazing vocalists backed by a powerhouse rhythm section and a killer horn section!

Layla Frankel

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Layla Frankel doesn’t fit in a box, and she’s decided to stop trying. When she moved to Nashville in 2017, fresh off a cross-country tour in support of her debut EP Tame The Fox, she tried. She sought out musical standing in the neatly defined singer-songwriter scene and the cliques of wannabe country stars. But…


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Tuneden Live

Connor Fiehler is a multi-instrumentalist, session player, songwriter and artist from St. Louis, Missouri. He began his career at 14 playing bass in different bands in St. Louis, most notably an alt rock group called Thames who played regularly at some of the top venues in the city. At 17, he began writing songs, many…

Hello Luna

Hello Luna explores the area between aggressive rock and melodic pop. The band combines a contrast of hard and soft elements which elevates their sound and delivers a unique approach to modern rock. websiteTIP THE BAND HERE!

Julia Kahn

Following the momentum of emotionally-rich and captivating releases and festival appearances this year, Julia Kahn is here to let the light in through her impactful music and soul-grabbing vocals. Currently…

The Sternwheelers

Tuneden Live

The Sternwheelers grew out of the Irish Music session scene in Nashville, TN. Members developed a friendship in the Music City pubs and soon decided to pool their various experiences…